Fort Barrington.


It was a bright and beautiful Sunday afternoon. A perfect day for taking a drive or relaxing with friends on the beach. This particular afternoon found me at the foot of Fort Barrington, close to Deep Bay, staring upwards at the climb I was about to embark on.

In my youth, I took part in a lot of hikes, and felt as if I could throw myself back into this one. After all, I had climbed this hill at least twice before. I plunged forth, no warm up exercises, no breathing exercises, nothing. I hadn’t been to the gym in almost two months, but determined that my fitness level should still be where it was since I had last been. Boy was I wrong!!! My calves and shins screamed with every changing altitude, but I persevered. I finally made it to the top realising the effort was certainly worth the wait.

On the hike with me, was my videographer friend Nigel, and his family. He was having a jolly old time videotaping the entire experience and I couldn’t help pulling out my phone for a couple shots, wishing I had the camera. We were testing out new techniques with our devices, trying out different filters and the like, wanting to take full advantage of the expansive scenery below and beyond us.

We stayed around until sunset, In the far distance, St. Kitts rose on the horizon. It was the first time in a long time any of us, saw it in the distance so clearly! What a sight!

To top it off, the sun began to set just beyond its silhouette. A low hanging cloud painted the sky with greys, oranges, pinks, and purples. The absolute stunner was what we waited for, just then, the sun dipped below the clouds, but just above the island, creating a visual forever engraved in our minds. We watched in silence, taking it all in. As the moment passed, Nigel took a deep breath and said reverently, “Antigua really is beautiful, eh?” To which I replied, “Yes, absolutely breathtaking.”


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