Bat-mobile Adventures

I suppose the title of today’s blog may lead one to think that, “I’m Batman” driving around in a bat-mobile, but it’s the only ironic name I could find for those “soccer mom” vans I see driving around. (Bat-mobiles are cool, and this, not so cool, get it?)This particular week, I was stuck with one of these vehicles on the road with Simply Antigua Barbuda (SAB) related work. Every corner I took, felt like there was extra weight in the back that I had to account for.

I had to pick up Mel that morning to go to our regular Monday morning meeting, she erupted in what I can only call a callous laugh, morphing her features upwards and squinting her eyes with glee. She knew how I felt about these bat-mobiles, and here I was in one! Oh the irony!!!

We started our journey to the other side of the island, two girls in a bat-mobile, pumping out tunes on a bright, sunny day. We had recently gotten a few much needed showers of rain, and so the island was green, and blossoming. Great day for photos!

After a successful meeting we hung around for a bit, it was afternoon and we decided it was the right time to have a refreshing glass of white zinfandel, some fruits and cheese. It was a sleepy afternoon and Claudia’s dog, rightfully named Pinot, was lying back spread eagled (or spread dogged) on his back taking a nap. What a lazy pup!

On the way back from the meeting, we couldn’t helping stopping on the road and taking a photo of what appeared to be a colourful hut at the side of the road. The music in the background was so contradictory to the vehicle and our surroundings, that we had another bout of laughter.

All in all, it was a chill, slow, but productive day, filled with laughter, warm weather and lazy dogs. I couldn’t ask for anything more.


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