Blissful Nights

Blissful Nights

Caribbean nights are made for Bliss! A full moon rises over the horizon, and like-minded homo-sapiens gather together to celebrate, to share, to be… What is life without art, and all its accoutrements? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I found myself on an early Sunday evening atop a hillside looking down, at Sugar Ridge Resort. The venue was The Shed at Carmichael’s. There were lounge chairs laid out and bean bags from Lazy Bones Beach Loungers & Beanbags for our comfort, and in the background, was a voice: soft, soothing, lyrical. I sipped on my drink, taking it all in. There’s something about the spoken word from another, their thoughts, their moods, their feelings, their tones. The ultimate gift you can give to the speaker, is a listening ear, and all was definitely silent as the voices caressed our ears.

There was a lot to take in that night, a little bit of everything for all five senses. Guava de Artist was doing live painting on a model as well as on canvas. Music was piercing the atmosphere, both from a DJ as well as local bands, singing covers of popular songs, as well as original pieces. The food as well, was definitely something to talk about. We dined on grilled chicken kebabs, laid on a bed of flat bread, stuffed with cabbages, green and red peppers. We also had lamb balls on a stick, drizzled with blue cheese! Yum! The bartender was a favourite of mine, as she flirted with me and my drink. That Amaretto Sour, was definitely the one that sealed the deal!



I felt at ease, and one with the universe, there really are things out there far greater than ourselves, but every once in a while, we’re reminded of the important part each of us has to play in the grander scheme of things.

I looked up at the night sky. The stars were coming out. The moon rising on the horizon, there was a fire lighting ceremony. We clapped and cheered as the spark sucked in the oxygen all around it, bursting into a beautifully adorned fireball. Soon after, we were entertained by a fire breather, a sure treat for those of us who never experienced such talent up close.

The atmosphere was intimate, poetic, dreamy. All possibilities were endless that night. You could very well be whoever or whatever you wanted to be… and I think, at some point, each of us did just that.


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