Colour My Life…

A wise man once said, “colour my life with the chaos of trouble”. Or perhaps it’s the lyric to some famous song I’ve now forgotten.

It was a breezy afternoon on a Tuesday on the twin-island state of Antigua & Barbuda. While sipping on an incredible blend of Earl Grey and listening to Latin music; it dawned on me that this was the quintessential experience of life. Blessings on top of blessings rest beyond our shores along with pure year-round summer vibes and good chilling. Everything you could possibly need to be inspired or to create, is right here.

My Monday morning, and therefore my week, was off to a brilliant start. I had an early meeting with some friends down Valley Road area. We were all cut off from a spectacular phone company (I won’t say) and so, we were forced to look into each other’s eyes and get a little exercise, each time we wanted to use the landline. It was an absolutely wondrous time living in the 21st century, because we bonded over the general dislike of said company with a few colourful words. What’s life without colour? The silence without the constant notifications, or ringing phones however, was heavenly, and I’m definitely going to go off the grid more often.

Afterwards, we decided to venture over to Ffryes beach to scout some rays, and some waves. And of course, photos! I didn’t go into the water that day as I’m still nursing some sunburns from my last adventure. We came across a few hidden gems in plain sight. Had the seaside grapes been ripe, I would’ve taken a few bites for myself. We found interest in the random bits and pieces, the people, the birds etc. that makes going to the beach worth the while…. It really was a day to take it all in and relax, while looking forward to the week ahead.

This truly is Simply Antigua Barbuda.



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