Down The Rabbit-hole

Janie’s silhouette with her camera in the shop!

It was a hot, stifling, somewhat overcast Friday morning. The unpredictable weather sea-sawed between rain or shine, lending to my indecision regarding what to wear. Three wardrobe changes later, I settled on a shirt-dress; something I would inevitably regret later on. The weather finally settled on “sunny with a dose of pipin’ hot oven” much to my delight! Travelling downtown, I turned on the car’s air conditioning hoping to delay the momentum of the eventual heatwave I would soon be facing.

A side note to all employers out there, here’s a new work attire suggestion: swimwear. Employees should also outfit staff lounge/lunch rooms with swimming pools and ice-cream stands. Think about it, great for morale; a cool office makes for even cooler staff!

I got to Zemi’s where I met up with Claudia and Janie. The store is always lined with new and interesting things which makes it one of my favourite places to visit. It’s a rabbit hole of whimsy, art, original pieces and handmade crafts and paintings. One could get lost in this other world called Zemi’s! Steve, the owner, is exceptionally talented! A lot of the art in the store is made by his hands, and you can often find him at his station towards the back working on, or painting something new. He recently opened a new store that sells teas, hot sauces, soaps, and other locally produced goods from both locals and himself. It really is a gem in the heart of Redcliffe Quay.

Janie was busy taking photos and I shadowed her for a bit before getting my phone out and taking some of my own shots. I perused the store, taking in all the little intricate trinkets and pieces. I explored the goods section, reading labels, checking out ingredients, and just looking into products I had never heard of, but definitely want to try!


Historical Redcliffe Quay was buzzing with locals and tourists walking around taking in the products of the surrounding stores, having lunch at the surrounding restaurants, or just meeting up with friends for a chat. After our photoshoot, we gathered around the little table, laughter erupting from a few cracked jokes. We were sitting around an original woodwork table outside the store, enveloped by two equally unique benches. The shade from the surrounding areas and the trees outside the store made the morning a little bit cooler. And the company wasn’t half bad!

Steve disappeared for a minute and came back with a bag full of beautiful hand made earrings. He told us to take our pick, which quite frankly, was difficult. He then gave each of us a hand-painted shopping bag with the Zemi logo, painted on the outside. Thrilled with our gifts, and a job well done, we bid him farewell and moved on to the next gig, maneuvering our way through Redcliffe Quay for another adventure!








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