From Within – a Special Place

There’s a calming sentiment when we allow the world and all the surrounding elements outside ourselves to slow down; when we listen beyond the crashing waves of our seashores; reach beyond the warmth of our horizon, and immerse ourselves into the understated but self-assured natural phenomenon that is Antigua and Barbuda! Within its borders lies a fascinating history and cacophony of food, music, art and culture which fuse together to create an incredibly dynamic and unforgettable story. But the most beautiful thing about Antigua and Barbuda are the people. There’s an easy-going gentleness, peppered with an elegant old-school etiquette that’s friendly, warm, courteous and familiar.

Whilst walking on island, you’ll be greeted with “good morning”, “howdy” or some sort of pleasantry. There’s a community spirit and pride that resonates within the villages. The people are willing to lend a helping-hand. Neighbours pop in on each other, whether to borrow a cup of sugar or to discuss the latest gossip running through the neighbourhood.

Locals say ‘No one can go hungry on this island’, there’s always someone willing to feed you in a literal sense or in a spiritual kindness. Whether stopping by someone’s grandmother’s house for a Sunday morning breakfast and bush tea, or some kindly neighbour dropping by with a bucket of mangoes there is abundant sharing and caring. There’s almost always a backyard garden filled with fruit trees like golden apple, sour-sop, passion fruit, guava, or home-grown vegetables like green peppers, onions and tomatoes.

Beach picnics on any given Sunday can be found, and on public holidays the seashores are dotted with as many people as there’s sand on the beach. Potlucks are a go, with shared local dishes that range anywhere from seasoned rice, to ducuna, where the biggest debate is, raisins, or no raisins?

Simply Antigua Barbuda is the people, the land, our voices combined, united on a beautiful transcendent journey. We are more than the lives we live. We are our legacy.


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