High Seas, or HiTea?!

The sun was high in the sky, burning bright and steady like only a Caribbean sun could. We were three women on a mission. Get in, get the job done, get out, and embrace a satisfyingly, deep plunge into the tranquil still waters of one of the 365 beaches around the island. Okay, perhaps the latter part of that plan, was one of my own. I had packed my swimsuit and towel just in case I was able to escape for a bit afterwards!

Janie left us soon after the first job as she had another appointment. I took over the reins for the second job, which found us at HiTea. Set on the lower end of Redcliffe Street, just before turning into Big Banana, HiTea is a vibrant, eccentric getaway right in the heart of St. John’s. It’s colourful vibe and iced teas, beckon visitors to its windows, ready to try the next drink or ice cream on the menu.  Outside, the deck, was a kaleidoscopic array of brilliantly coloured high chairs, and tables, enveloped by an equally saturated wooden border.

We took two teas and proceeded to prop them up in preparation for the shoot. The sun was beating overhead as it was nearing midday, the cool drinks melting with perspiration dripping from the glass. Claudia got her fan out, and proceeded to fan. I side-eyed her, thinking it was good idea and wondering to myself why didn’t I think of that! She must’ve read the expression on my face and laughingly asked, “Would you like some air?”

All fun and games aside, we got the job done. We settled down for a bit, sitting on two of the vibrant chairs with our Lemon Probiotic and Four Seasons Iced teas. The cool drinks, felt refreshing going down, bursting with flavour and quenching our thirst.

Michael, the owner was very engaging. Bringing out an assortment of teas and ice creams to try. From his new soft waffle cone, complete with chocolate bits, sprinkles and other ice cream flavours. And who could forget the flamingo cup holder?! A mother and daughter duo, came just then, and were willing to share in some of our fun.

We walked away just after, filled with ice cream, and iced teas, good laughter and new friends in the staff at HiTea. As for me and my beach-bum plans, I was too drained and too full from all the delicious delights, but I’ll always be prepared for a quick getaway. We decided to call it a day. It was a good one, a productive one and quite deliciously so!!!!


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