Iced Latte

Serves 1

1 double shot of Primo Espresso (Carib Bean Coffee Roaster’s signature Espresso blend)
6 Primo Espresso infused ice cubes
Steamed milk


Method for Espresso Ice Cubes:
Prepare and freeze the espresso infused ice cubes ahead of time.
Make 1 double shot of Primo espresso and add to 12 fl. oz. of cold filtered water.

Divide this over approx. 2-3 ice trays.


Method for Iced Latte:
Fill a 12oz glass with 6 espresso infused iced cubes.

Add 1 double shot of Primo espresso, (sweeten to taste).

Steam milk to a luxurious, velvety texture.

Slowly pour steamed milk over the ice and espresso.

Top with the frothy foam.


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