For over 30 years Delrie Cole and his family have continued to produce an amazing array of local crops. Stop in for a farm tour and learn where real food comes from - friendly and informed staff are enthusiastic to educate you on seasonal produce and organic farming techniques. Piles of fresh, succulent fruit and vegetables await you and a recent extensive greenhouse expansion boasts medicinal plants, micro salads, herbs and even edible flowers!


The Market offers concierge-level customer service enabling them to meet all customers special needs. They supply yachts, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and the general public. The farm shop sells a variety of pulses, rice, wheat, quinoa and millet, alongside a colourful variety of nature’s best produce. Take time out to feast at the on-site Vegan restaurant called Lion Pavilion. Work has also started on a coconut regeneration project, so far over 200 new trees have been planted across a three acre plot. Supporting the environment and farming in a natural way are core beliefs at the Colesome Farmers Market - Eat well, live long!

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