Surveying the trendsetters, Donut Ace is clearly a frontrunner. Owners Akeem and Abbie have capitalised on a niche market by combining sweet icing with melt-in-your mouth dough that evokes feelings of comfort like only a great, freshly made donut can give. Take a peek at the enticing options such as the Powdered Ace and Cinnamon Sugar, while more eclectic flavours like the Butter Rum, 3-Way Coconut, Gooey Marshmallow and S’mores donuts are also available. However, a clear customer favourite is a perfect blend of moist red velvet donut topped with blissful cream cheese glaze. Yum!


A variety of new flavours, as well as a “creation station” for punters to do on the spot customisation are on the horizon. But in the meantime, you can savour one of these morsels of deliciousness or order a box of these “sinful circles” to brighten someone’s day. Their prompt and efficient delivery service comes courtesy of their stylish van which can always be seen zipping around the island. Add some spark and intrigue to your next affair by contacting Donut Ace for customized donuts. The trendy and professional packaging makes them the ideal edible pieces of paradise for events, parties, baby showers, and social gatherings. Your guests will surely be wowed!

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