As the premier dairy manufacturer in Antigua, Yao offers the tastiest, healthiest and most wholesome dairy products on island. As one of the few locally owned and operated manufacturers, Yao prides itself on producing an excellent variety of tasty yogurts, ice creams, sorbets, frozen yogurts, and cheeses with natural ingredients.


Whether you prefer your yogurt plain or to select from a wide range of popping flavours, all Yao’s yogurt products are made from live multi-active cultures to look after you on the inside. For those who wish to satisfy their sweet tooth, Yao’s ice cream assortment has expanded to include exciting flavours like Cotton Candy, Maple Walnut, Malt Chocolate Pretzel & even Wadadli Sunshine!


Yao products can be found at all major retail outlets and supermarkets across the island, and is also available wholesale for distributors.