It was a bright Friday morning. The Simply Antigua Barbuda work team was having an extended meeting as the new magazine publication deadline was drawing near. Our venue of choice was Nomad’s: a new restaurant just off Friar’s Hill road, that recently opened up and saw us conducting most of our weekly meetings there.

The decor was mostly black and white with splashes of colour in the form of printed pillows, and funky cup holders. We were sitting around this vibrant, round, stripe-printed table, having our morning poisons: a fine cup of lemon grass tea, coffee freshly brewed, or orange juice.

Laptops were open, and fingers clicking away, a few tables away from us, another person, thought to get a head-start on the day. We were kindred spirits in a sea of technology, wires, and electricity, slaves to devices which may one day take us all over!!! Don’t spill the sparkling water! Too morbid? Alright, back to Nomad’s. We were a funky, psychedelic, creative team dressed in an array of lemon prints and stripes, reds, blues, whites, and greens, accompanied by equally eccentric hair, and shoes! It was definitely a sight to behold!

There was so much colour in the room, even our noses were red! No… this isn’t Christmas, and Rudolph the reindeer wasn’t somewhere hiding around the corner. The flu was playing musical chairs with each of us, admittedly, a part of me believes it was my fault. Two blog posts ago,  I wrote, that I (may have) contracted the flu from another graphic designer friend of mine (I won’t say who she is, but she knows!!!). Well I believe, after working so closely with my teammates, I may have passed it on! To my teammates, I publicly apologize, and Mel, I appreciate you so much for saying you probably got it from your mom. LOL!

There we were, some variation of Simply Antigua Barbuda, which I deemed “Sickly Antigua Barbuda” (isn’t it fitting?), drinking sparkling water, and orange juice. We were so cautious when the glasses got mixed up, we asked the Nomad’s team to take them away and get us new ones!!! In addition to fighting the flu, Claudia, was having a bad bout of swollen knees after hitting her foot in a freak accident, which now, I believe has been passed on to me, as I walked straight into a table yesterday, hitting the same spot, and I’m still reeling from the pain! What’s going on???!!!

A series of unfortunate events later (get it?) and lunch couldn’t come soon enough. Laughing at our misfortunes and the ensuing chaos, we put away our laptops and devices and decided to order up. This also called for some wine spritzers for the week we had; refreshing and soothing, I downed the drink in no time. Since it was Friday, and happy hour was inevitable anyway, why not start a bit earlier? The bartender served me two drinks, one he called “Take Me Home”, and the other he called, “Never Leave”. I’m not entirely sure if those were the actual names or if he was flirting or what, but, the “Never Leave” made me never want to leave!

Our dishes came out, decorating the table in beautiful minty greens, and beiges and browns. I definitely enjoyed my lunch at Nomad’s and try a  new dish every time I go. This time, I had a tuna baguette, drizzled in olive oil, and decorated with tomato, olives, eggs, and an amazing tuna, garnished with herring on the side. Delectable! The others had an array of cornish hen, tuna salad, tofu wrap, and a steak salad, which I had last week, and I must say, it was absolutely fantastic!!!!


Our insides were warmed, and the cold and flu symptoms seemed to be subsiding a bit, we were buzzing for the weekend that lay before us, stuffy noses aside, the atmosphere was ripe with inspiration and flair. I absolutely enjoy the staff at Nomad’s, they’re friendly and attentive, and they provide a pretty good laugh when you need one as well as great food! If you ever pay them a visit, ask the bartender for the “Never Leave” if he gives you a quizzical look, keep asking, until you find the right one! Tell him I sent you!


From Sickly Antigua Barbuda, stay hydrated folks!!!


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