The Black Exhibit

The night air was clear and still. The stars lined the sky in glowing, abstract, polka dots, gleaming from far off solar systems. These are the moments in which I allow myself to let go, and be consumed with the universe and all the wonders it has to offer.

I liked nights like this one, it always reminded me of full moon swimming with friends at Hawksbill Beach. Where the night sky was so bright, and the water so calm and clear that you could see your feet, walking on the glowing sand, rippled from the gentle waves. There’s always a curious school of small fish, wondering about these new bodies entering their territory, and if you waited long enough, a bigger fish would soon appear, hunting for its meal.

Perhaps the night was a perfect set up for what lay ahead. I was on my way to The Black Exhibit. A collaborative effort between three artists: Linisa George, Kendra Davis and Venisa Gittens. Colour. Light. Sound. I arrived at the venue which was already pretty packed. I mingled a bit, catching up with old friends I hadn’t seen in awhile, and anticipating the start of the main event. I ran into some friends Marseilla and Loretta who I hadn’t seen in a long while. Marseilla is always a trip! She also writes and performs poetry as MJ the Poet.

Linisa opened the night, with the smooth, calming tones of her poetry, backed with the steady rhythm of an accompanying band, which blended with her voice to set the mood. She went through her pieces with conviction, the vibrations of her voice resonating within my core.

Venisa Gittens began her set soon afterwards. Sharing with us, her original songs, with a powerful vocal range that accommodated them. She gave the audience a little bit of everything, from slow, melodic jams to a jumping soca original!

Admittedly, I was so enthralled with the performances, I forgot to take a picture! I suppose, sometimes, some moments are just be be enjoyed as they are.

I meandered my way back to the exhibition area after the mini concert, to take in the beautiful works of Kendra Davis, I found a certain, delicate femininity to her pieces, there was a little quirk, and a little rawness, that made each subject feel, within that moment, how one would feel, when in a room alone: peeling away all the façades, and settling into your true self.

I always enjoy events like this one, as an artist myself, we’re so much better, stronger, effective, when we support each other. Sometimes, it’s as simple as just showing up.



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